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Where to Buy Flooring

Use this guide to see the benefits of buying flooring from a flooring retailer.

You’ve found your perfect floor, one that matches your room, home, taste, style, and budget. Before you turn your attention to installation planning, there’s one more floor shopping decision to make: where to buy your flooring.

When it comes to floor buying, you can make your purchase at an authorized flooring retailer. Look here to see if a flooring distributor or flooring retailer is in your area. Several of the benefits of buying flooring from an authorized flooring distributor or retailer include:

  • Extensive selection of samples in exclusive flooring showroom
  • Knowledgeable, experienced staff
  • Highest level of individualized customer service
  • Interior designer often available free of charge to assist in coordinating décor
  • Certified flooring installation professionals
  • Customer support continues after sale, including warranty issues
  • Better equipped to handle problems if they occur after the sale
  • Shipping charges included in flooring price

Buying your floor from an authorized retailer gives you the advantage of making a more informed purchase decision after seeing the product in person and talking directly to knowledgeable sales staff.